BROOKS B17 Saddle Leather brown

1500 kr

Ingen annan tillverkare kan göra sadlar i läder som Brooks England. Det finns ingen på andra plats, eller tredje. Vi är glada att kunna erbjuda både denna sadel och matchande handtag som tillägg om du bygger en cykel med oss. Kronan på verket, såsen på kebaben. Inte löken på laxen.


The B17 is our flagship model, ideal for long distance sports touring, trekking and mtb use. It has been on the market for over 100 years, being featured in as early as the 1898 catalogue . The model  is available for gents and ladies: the B17 (gents) and B17 S (ladies). The Standard models feature black steel rails, the B17 Special features copper plated steel metalwork, and the B17 Titanium/ Both the B17 Special and the Titanium also feature hand hammered copper rivets.

The best way to break in your new saddle is to ride it frequently. Like a new pair of quality leather boots, a leather saddle may be uncomfortable for some at the outset; but like a good pair of boots, once broken in, they will, with proper care, provide the owner with decades of use.

  • LENGTH : 275mm
  • WIDTH : 175mm
  • HEIGHT : 65mm
  • WEIGHT : 520g
  • FRAME : Steel
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