The sun is here and the winter woolies have been folded away for a few months.
People have emerged from hibernation and they are now on their bikes and it has not gone unnoticed how busy the bike lanes are during the peak times of the day as the sunshine cyclists rejoice in the exhilaration of cycling once again. A few years ago I used to find their return somewhat irritating, after having enjoyed the winter with the bike lane to myself. I could make my own tracks in the snow and rarely had reason to reflect over the behaviour of other cyclists. Now though, I am no longer bothered, but what has caused the change then? Well, perhaps it’s the fact that more people ride in the winter, and that the more I become a proponent for cycling, the more joy I see in somewhat crowded bike lanes, or bikes and their human riders standing, waiting ten deep at the traffic lights and so on. This is where we want cycling to be. More cyclists means healthier people, better air and increased pressure on the cycling infrastructure of the city so that improvements and expansions will need to be made. Local councils will not be able to deny the fact that they must keep up with the increased demand and usage of the cycling infrastructure. More voices will be heard, more bikes will be seen and the city we live in will be the big winner.